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Doing what we love, with love (or at least a little respect) on Amy's Table

Perhaps I'm just feeling particularly deep, but I'm struck by how a common theme runs through the messages of all of this week's guests. Therapist Julie Lingler encourages taking control of a heated exchange (note I didn't say argument!) to get the outcomes you and your mate both want. Chef Gemma Stafford teaches us that we can bake, Bigger and Bolder, by not being so rigid and using what we have at hand for delicious results. Dietician Marlene Koch asks us what we love to eat and then shares strategies to be able to eat it- and feel good about it- every single day! How often do you beat yourself up about not having enough willpower? Dr, Kelly McGonigal sheds real light on that topic, too. So whatever you do, do it for you, with love! Cheers! Amy

Psychotherapist Julie Lingler explains how to disagree in an agreeable manner

Irish Chef Gemma Stafford encourages us to leap in for Bigger Bolder Baking

Dietician Marlene Koch shares tricks to actually Eat What You Love Everyday

Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal says willpower is a mind-body response -and not a virtue!

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