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All the rules you'll want to follow today on Amy's Table

From the very best parties, to the very best relationships, to the very best windowboxes to simply being a good kind human, today we're talking with the experts about which rules we should always follow. Listen here.

What entertaining rules does the man the Wall Street Journal calls, “The very best host in the world.” follow? Chef Alex Hitz dishes on delightful parties and his latest book, The Art of the Host.

Why do most relationships fail? Julie Lingler tells why, and what you can do about it.

Sean Davis of WOW Windowboxes adds a little curb appeal with a dash of pumpkin spiceCan't we just be civil?

Steven Selzer shares the Rules of Civility that George Washington wrote when he was just 14 years old If you haven't already, please subscribe, rate and review the Amy's Table Podcast. Thank you!

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