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Is there any other "fungus" more revered than the black truffle? I learned all about the fascinating history, lore and hunt of the humble truffle in an interview with expert Patricia Wells. A parasite that grows on the roots of trees and looks a like shriveled black nugget about the size of a walnut, truffles are found largely in France, with smaller harvests in Italy and Spain. If you can't make your way to a truffle hunt anytime soon, google “black truffles” to find plenty of purchasing resources. You may reel from the sticker shock, but Patricia shared a trick that makes great use of your investment:

Place a cleaned fresh truffle in a glass jar with several eggs, still in their shells. Seal tightly. The truffle flavor will infuse right in to the egg, for truly amazing omelets, crepes or pasta. The truffle remains good to use in more traditional ways after the eggs have been infused. Why not indulge is a smear of truffle butter on a piece of really good bread? You need only a few tablespoons of minced fresh truffle to create an all-purpose, fragrant butter, perfect for spreading on toast, melting into fresh pasta, or folding into a risotto. You can use the butter right away or freeze it and use it throughout the year.

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