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Cabernet Sea Salt

This lovely salt could not be easier to make. Try using it as a finishing salt on steaks right off the grill, roasted vegetables, the rim of glass of sangria, avocado toast, sliced tomatoes and deviled eggs. I promise you will feel smugly satisfied each time you use a pinch. Here’s how to do it: Reduce 3 cups of drinkable (but certainly not expensive!) Cabernet Sauvignon until it’s syrupy and thick. Do this by bringing it to a boil and then reducing it to a simmer until it’s thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. Once the reduction starts to thicken, keep an eye on it as it can go from thick to a burnt coating on the bottom of the pan quickly. The amount of time it takes to reduce will depend on the level of heat and size of the pan, estimate about 30 minutes. Let it cool before stirring in 1 cup of sea salt (I like to use coarse). Stir until the salt has completely absorbed the wine and has changed color to a deep, rich red. Spread it onto a baking sheet with rim and allow to air dry for 2 days, stirring occasionally. You can also dry it in the oven at 170°F for 3-4 hours. It keeps indefinitely.

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